Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Introducing... Alchemist Alex

You've probably seen hints of Alchemist Alex already. And heard me talking about my essential oil Skin Scents and Body Love. But where did that come from? Am I not a coach?

This is what happens when you apply your coaching to yourself: You ask a lot of questions, and you get honest with yourself. And when I asked myself about my current coaching career, what I heard/felt back was: Emotional Eating coaching feels heavy to me, like I'm living tied to the past and a part of myself I'm ready to let go of. I felt like I was pushing around old baggage, dredging up old icky feelings.

So I gave myself some space and permission to explore... what do I love to do? What calls to me? What feels effortless and like I'd do it anyway, money or none?

I am a highly sensitive person. I fell in love with essential oils four years ago when I was gifted a small blue glass vial of Lavender essential oil and I was smitten. The smell was divine and powerful, relaxing and uplifting.

When my massage and yoga couple friends introduced me to their array of essential oils, I just couldn't stop sniffing. Breathing deep. Sighing. Going back for more. It was truly a turn-on. For my senses. For my creativity. For my learning.

I love essential oils because they come from nature, from plants. I LOVE nature. It makes me feel connected to myself and the universe spiritually. It grounds me. It fascinates me. It enlivens and refreshes me. And so do essential oils.

I soon began wearing them as perfumes, because they smelled so delicious. But it was when I bought a guide book and began researching their properties and powers (disinfecting, pain and stress relieving, hormonally balancing, energy clearing, emotionally uplifting) that I really got interested. I began using them with more intention, and creating blends based on the way I wanted to feel and be in the moment. I called this part of me Alchemist Alex.

Our sense of smell is generally an under-appreciated and utilized sense - but it is one of our most powerful, especially in terms of emotion and memory. Think about how many smell memories you have, especially from your childhood or of people you have loved! I've discovered how to use essential oils to anchor me to my intentions, to raise my vibration and to turn on the rest of my senses, including my intuition. I truly am experiencing my sensitivity as a superpower these days!

That's when I realized how all of this is connected. Essential oils are not just a hobby, they are a beautiful, tangible doorway into living the life I've been craving. One of creativity and craftiness, deep conscious thought and intention, natural alternative healing, a sustainable green lifestyle, pleasure and sensuality, connection to my yoga community and with my husband.

I feel like I'm doing something bigger than creating art. I'm inspiring people. I'm creating a way for them to connect with their sensitivity, sensuality and intentions. I'm helping people feel beautiful.

Alchemist Alex at Suka Yoga in Novato, CA
And what do you know... When I started allowing myself to do something that I loved, everything started to flow. I started hosting Essential Oil Blending Parties (the first one sold out!), created our Etsy store, made Skin Scents to be sold in a REAL LIVE yoga studio in Marin, donated samples for a yoga and sound healing workshop in New York, got commissioned to make a custom scent for my coaching colleague's client, and have been asked to create another custom blend for an upcoming workshop on women's health! Whoa I know! It's been a whirlwind at times but the work hasn't felt like work, it's felt inspired.

I want to help you feel inspired. With my essential oil Skin Scents, and through my coaching. I believe the most potent form of clarity you can have is knowing how you want to feel (a la Danielle LaPorte and her Desire Map). I'm using that foundation and bringing all the rest of the tools I know to help you take your life and being to the next level. Maybe in your energy and health. Maybe in your career. Perhaps to find your calling or next step. Perhaps to deepen your relationship.

Essential oils are just one tool in my box. Every client I work with will get a personal blend to match their personal activation and up-leveling. Want to know what else is in my box? Let's talk.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4 Reasons to Ditch Lotion for Natural Oils & Have the Most Sensual, Soft, Luscious Skin

If you told me a few years ago that I'd be smearing oils on my skin every day, I would have told you that you were gross and crazy.

And now... that's exactly what I do and I would never go back. My skin is the healthiest, softest, and most glowing it's ever been.

Watch this video to learn:
  • why oils work better than lotions and creams
  • what oils I use to nourish my skin without clogging it
  • and how taking care of my skin this way has been a game-changer for making other healthy changes in my life really stick

Do you have questions? What does your skin care routine look like? What products are you using? How do you feel about their quality? Tell me below! I'm so curious!

Pro Tip: If you're going to start switching over, make it easy on yourself! Finish up what you're already using and try out using oils instead one place at a time, rather than trying to make a drastic switch all at once.