Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Favorite Essential Oil Resources

People often ask me where I get my information and my essential oils... Check it out and please share your favorite resources in the comments below. Learning is a collaborative process!

Aromatherapy an A-Z
by Patricia Davis
My friend Elizabeth found this book discarded on the street! This is one of my favorite books to reference because Patricia is a long practicing Aromatherapist and it's obvious. She shares wonderful background information about essential oils and is shares very practical (mental, physical, chemical versus mythical/spiritual) information. She also details many common ailments, including aromatherapy treatments and nuances from her years of practice. I would love to see even more essential oils written up in this book (especially tree oils, which are hard to find information on), but this is not to say what is included here is not a deep and thorough place for basics and beyond.

Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art
by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green
This first part of this book has amazing and intriguing reading in the about the history and current studies/applications of essential oils and scent. What follows is an incredible DIY home recipes, blending guides and formulas for hair and skin care, massage oils, immunity-boosting and more. The last section of the book is a very useful (though again, I wish for more!) listing of essential oils, their properties and uses - PLUS amazing reference charts that I love - see side pic. This plus the book below were two recommended to me by a long-time essential oil maker and company owner.

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy
by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.
A book I've dabbled in and aspire to sit down to study at some point. Certainly the most scientific exploration of essential oils I've seen, from the molecular biochemistry of the oils and how they affect the body to the extraction methods of essential oils, to recipes for home use. Kurt is well known and respected in the world of aromatherapy for his detailed research that is bringing the art into more mainstream healing and western medicine practices.

Reference Guide for Essential Oils
compiled by Connie and Alan Higley
Though not explicitly expressed, this is a reference book for Young Living essential oils and products. That being said, it was the first reference book I owned and I still very much value the kinds of information and the huge variety of (often otherwise hard to find) essential oils. I love that the detail in the single oil's listings here: a breakdown of chemical constituents, extraction methods, blends with, safety data, applications... Sometimes I find I don't know what they mean in the entries or wish there was more description, or get fed up with the rather blatant pushing of Young Living blends, processes and products. But overall, it's book I'm happy to have on my shelf though I find myself turning to it less and less.

Where I go to research issues or topics regarding essential oils and the essential oil industry. Not the best for providing information about individual oils and their properties, but I appreciate the critical, clear, and open writing style of this site. I like knowing that their advertisers are carefully vetted to make sure they are providing the highest quality essential oils.

Abundant Health
Certainly the best priced supplies for mixing and creating your own products. This is where I source my glass bottles from. I've always found their containers to be of good quality without defects.

Mountain Rose Herbs
My favorite place to go for essential oils, especially when I want to try something new. I DO wish they would allow reviews and have a bit more information about the properties of their oils, but they have an immense selection of mostly organic or wild-harvested essential oils. I'm not always convinced they are of the utmost highest quality, but they do provide information on the site about where the oils and plant materials are coming from, which I very much appreciate as a consumer. I've found their customer service to be wonderfully accommodating as well.

Base Formula
Essential oils and essential oil products of great quality. What I really love most about this company is their YouTube videos! Great recipes and ideas for using aromatherapy and essential oils at home.

Other sites that have come highly recommended but that I am still exploring so reserve review:

What are your favorite resources for essential oils and information? Please share in the comments below!


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