Women's Healing Conference
6th Annual Women's Healing Conference @ Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills, CA
Saturday May 7th 2016

We will gather at Hidden Villa, an organic farm and beautiful open space preserve in Los Altos Hills, for rejuvenation and sharing through an assortment of activities:
  • Transformational workshops, sharing and healing circles, movement and music.
  • Delicious, nourishing, all organic lunch, morning and afternoon snacks and teas are included in your registration fee.
  • Healing Space, Pampering Oasis and Rest Tent: possibility of giving and receiving one-on-one sessions and consultations (bring your own massage table and chair).
  • Miles of pristine nature preserve to explore on contemplative walks.
Alex will be leading a DIY Aromatherapy Perfume Blending workshop in the morning!

Our intention is to enjoy and expand our community of talented resources, learn from each other and delight in our shared gifts. We hope to inspire and stir your interest to continue raising the quality of your health to the next level through a variety of alternative practices.

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  1. Are you the Alchemist Alex that used to be near Cedar Street. If so, I want to thank you for the classes and was wondering, if you are still in the are, are you still teaching?