Monday, October 13, 2014

Ever Set an Exciting New Intention... And then Forget? Seven Ways to Keep Your Mind Where Your True Desires Are

I'd just gotten off a call with my peer accountability buddy, and I was all revved up. (Our calls are largely about hashing through our challenges, looking for our personal truth so that we can move forward with clarity. Great, right?) Well, I had reconnected with a deep desire of mine to write poetry and I was on fire with creativity. I was going to start writing magnificent poems again! I was going to find an open mic night and start reading in front of people!

The next week, 5 minutes before she and I hopped on the phone again, I looked back at my notes and realized I'd completely forgotten to make time to write any poetry, read any poetry, or even think about it. How could I have been so excited and then let it slip out of my mind like that? This was supposed to be an EASY one to follow through on...

Am I THAT preoccupied with the rest of my life and to-do list? So much so that I can't remember to do the things that excite me?

Without judging myself for it, yes.

It's easy to go back to what is familiar, what is safe. It's easy and comfortable to get into a groove, even when it's not a groove that lights you up or is even working for you. Sometimes our grooves make us downright irritable and depressed, and yet we stay in them. For safety, for familiarity, for comfort. It's your (ego) self protecting your (higher, true) Self. Distracting you, finding other things to take care of that feel more urgent, talking you down.

Truth is, your higher Self needs to be let free, needs to play, needs to take chances, be wild, be itself. You won't be truly happy until you are being truly YOU. But our "stay-small, it's safer" self doesn't like change. It's scared. I don't blame it/me/you. Change = The Unknown!

Just because something feels scary or "bad" doesn't mean something scary or bad is happening. Fear is just your body's way of asking you if you're alert and paying attention to what's going on. If you are living and creating changes in your life consciously and intentionally, you surely are. Ask yourself, in the face of fear, "Why am I so excited?" Fear and excitement run on the same circuitry in your brain. Acknowledge the fear and then reframe it for yourself. What about this gets your nervous system so excited?!

So when you feel that inner "Yes" - excitement/fear is a good sign - drawing you towards something bigger in your life, how do you stay connected to that feeling of excitement, of expansion, of truth, without getting sucked into the flow, to-do's, habits and patterns of everyday life?

Here are 7 ways I keep my intentions fresh in my mind:
  1. Post it notes: Leave yourself an inspiring reminder or two or five, wherever you'll see it throughout the day.
  2. Vision boards: Take some creative time to collage together a vision board of what you want, the direction or energy you want to step into, and hang it on your wall.
  3. Changing the background of my phone and computer: Visual cues are powerful. Choose something that will remind you of what you want and why you want it.
  4. Wearing a scent that reminds and aligns me with my intention: I created an entire piece of my business around this, it is so powerful for me! (Alchemist Alex!) I love essential oils the most because I can select ones that change my emotional and energetic states to be aligned with what I want. Double action!
  5. Wearing an awesome outfit, piece of jewelry or makeup: Change the way you look and you change the way you show up. You know how good it feels to look good. Do it for yourself, and do it with intention, so you can show up for whatever it is you're trying to create more of. More money? Dress profess. More active? Wear some sexy yoga clothes. More confident? Rock some heals and lipstick.
  6. Make a playlist: Keep yourself in the right mood and energy. Choose songs that speak to the heart of what you want and sing along!
  7. Set what you need out so you'll see it: Your running shoes. Your journal. A timer. A big beautiful pitcher of water with lemons. Give it a new home so it is out in your space and won't have to remember to remember and be inspired to take action.
What are you going to try? What do you know already works for you? Please share below! I'm always up for learning and trying new things myself...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Activate Your Being - The WOW Talks SF Workshop 10/16/14

I have a feeling you are here to make big shifts in this world. When you want to create change, you must align yourself to support that shift to come through you. You are required to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So how are you being and showing up?

Every moment is a practice of being who and how we need to be in order to live the lives and missions we are here to. If you are not resonating with the frequency of what you aim to create, it is very difficult to create it. Are you pushing or are you flowing?

There are many ways to activate your BEing. The WOW Talks and myself invite you to dip your toes (and nose!) into the world of essential oils and their aromatic and vibrationally uplifting powers. From letting go of negative energies and emotions, to detoxing, to attuning more deeply to your intuition, to increasing your confidence and self-love, essential oils affect our bodies and minds profoundly. They change our vibrations and align us with our visions, purpose and missions.

When you are energetically aligned and activated, you can show up and shine, you can experience fulfillment, and you can create the reality you want to see in the world.

This is an intuitive, hands- and senses-on workshop. You will make and take home your own synergistic essential oil blend to activate your limitless being!

This is a ticketed event! $15 advance/$20 door
Tickets available @