Saturday, March 24, 2012

One-Day Mini Cleanse

Your Clean Reboost-Revamp
& Feel-Amazing-Again Day

So we all know we should eat better. More veggies, less red meat. Well, what if you chose to commit to one full day (or a weekend!) of clean, healthy eating. You will be amazed how energized and light your body feels and how your mood will follow suit. Here are some basic guidelines about what "clean" eating means...

On your Clean Day:
  • Have foods that are pure, wholesome and unprocessed. Eat as many vegetables - especially raw and green veggies - as you can. Unprocessed means it's not from a package, but a whole food source (ex: steel cut oats vs. a boxed cereal).
  • Drink lots of water and herbal teas to flush out toxins.
  • To alkalize your body (too much sugar, wheat, meat and caffeine can majorly throw off our body's pH), start your morning with a big glass of warm lemon water - with a dash of cayenne if you're feeling zesty.
  • Green smoothies, if you have a blender, are also amazing alkalizing drinks. Getting your body to a more alkaline state will help your cells and blood renew and cleanse, while neutralizing any crazy cravings you might be having because your body is off balance.Little Smoothie

Some food ideas for a clean day include: Greens at every meal! Fruit and veggie smoothies, fresh fruits and raw nuts, miso soup, steamed vegetables with hummus, lentil or another hearty veggie-filled soup for dinner, squash and sweet potatoes, whole grains and beans. It could be a great day for homemade bean burgers over a crunchy rainbow salad. Anything and everything green is great for boosting your nutrition. Onions, garlic and ginger are also very powerful cleansing ingredients. Browse the recipe section of my website (and your other favorites) for ideas! The internet is an amazing tool for recipe research. 

Additionally, any fermented or probiotic foods and drinks are great to have, as they will boost your digestion and immune system. Some of my favorites are sauerkraut, kombucha, miso soup, kefir, and fermented ginger beer, but a probiotic pill (good quality probiotics generally have multiple strains of friendly bacteria that number in the billions) can be your most powerful option. 

You might also want to try herbal teas to help support your immune system and flush out toxins. Traditional Medicinals is one of my favorite brands. Good options include Roasted Dandelion Root (supports the liver), Nettles, Kukicha Twig Tea (alkalizes the blood), or one TM's everyday detox blends.

It is important to stay away from sugar (fresh fruit is fine), alcohol, caffeine*, and processed, fried or fast foods like take-out, pasta, breads and packaged foods. If you can avoid all meat and dairy for the day, even better - but don't be afraid to have some yogurt or high-quality lean protein if that is what your body does best with and keeps you feeling satisfied and balanced. 

Try it and let me know how you did and how it felt for you!

*If you tend to rely on caffeine to get your day going, you may try going without it for a day and seeing how you feel. It's ok to take time to wake up in the morning. Try a black tea or yerba mate instead, as they are less acidic and more balanced for the body. But don't suffer. If you get a headache, it is probably your body responding withdrawal-like symptoms. Be aware, get in touch with where you are (and know that wherever you are is ok!) and decide what will make you feel best.

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