Saturday, April 6, 2013

20 Positively Powerful Thoughts: A Manifesto

What is Project Positivity about? Feeling more goodness, yes. Sinking your toes into happy mud, yes. Opening your eyes to little wonders, yes. Taking fun photos every day, yes.

But what is the experience going to be like? What's in it for me?
Every day you will get a simple and thoughtful prompt in your email about something new to photograph. Then, off into your day you go, looking for Positivity! When you have your photo, you'll share it with the group and get to explore everyone else's photo shares for the day!

But what does it mean to feel and look for “Positivity”?
Here are 20 of the fun and positive frames that will guide the creative photo prompts and experiences of Project Positivity. We will play with at least one of these a day...

I've come to think of them as the Project Positivity Manifesto!

I wanted you to have a taste, in case you're still deciding :) And if you're sitting in your seat right now, thinking, hecks yeah, I want some of that, here's where you can register yourself into the fun:

We are changing our Minds...
Because every thought counts.

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