Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Using Sensitivity for GOOD: Sensual Cooking Feasts

Back in January, I decided that this year I'm doing more of what I love, more of what feeds me. I'm going to have more fun. More play. And I'm bringing all of that into my work... because why get paid to work when you can get paid to play?

I've got a really special announcement!
I'm talking about something I really really love.
Something that ignites one of my SuperPowers and feeds my sensitivity...


Still drooling over this..
As we've been "warming our house" with guests and gatherings, I've been getting the itch to host more! I've been on a wave of dreaming about food and planning parties and get-togethers of all kinds...

Then, a little entrepreneurial voice in my brain said, "Hey! You've been wanting to get real and face to face with people. Workshops haven't felt right. How about cooking parties?! Imagine... going to the farmer's market and tasting through the best strawberries of your life, and then bringing people home to cook with you!? Your sensitivity has made you an amazing and intuitive cook! It's WHY you love it so much. Why keep that to yourself?"

Cooking parties!! Oh universe, I love my brain.

Are you ready? I'm doing it. This is my new way of creating and curating my livelihood. I've cooked up delicious storms at yoga retreats, Whole Foods cooking classes, gyms, corporate team-building events, supper clubs, and for countless friends.

For me, it's about connecting with people and our local food, and supporting each other to live fuller, healthier, happier lives. I want you to feel as in love with your self-care as I do. I want it to feel sooo gooood that to do anything else would be ridiculous.

Are you into this?

Here are four ways you can dive into the Sensual Cooking Feast movement:
  1. Go here to read more about feasting, my Food Philosophy & how to sign up...
  2. Follow me on Instagram to start your #healthyfoodie #sensualfeast taste buds a-watering...
  3. Pass it on to your foodie friends (and get in on a cooking party together?)...
  4. Check out my Sensual Cooking Feast vision board below!

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