Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Play with Your Food: 42 Flowers to Munch on

I love playing with my food. It keeps the experience of making and eating food fun and fresh. I'm all about the small pleasures, so when I discovered an article about 42 different kinds of edible flowers, I got more than a little excited and just had to share.

Last year, I discovered the delight of adding nasturtium flowers into my salads. Have some fun with your food this spring! It's a great way to involve kids and to expand your idea of what "food" is and where it might be hiding out in unexpected places. Sprinkle on the color!

An easy place to start is in your own backyard, especially this time of year. Just make sure you're not eating any flowers or plants that have been contaminated with pesticides or house runoff of any kind. If you have a garden or pots, you can get double the pleasure from your plants - beautiful blooms and tasty garnishes for salads, vegetable dishes, on top of desserts, soups, punches and cocktails...

Check out this article by Dr. Mercola for 42 Flowers You Can Eat!

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