Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ditch Exercise...

for Movement!

Who likes working out when they've been at work all day? (Some do, I don't!)

Movement is one of the number one ways to beat low-energy and the blues. It might seem counter-intuitive that using energy will give you more, but remember those old lawnmowers you had to pull-start? That's what a few minutes of movement does for your energy (and metabolism)!

So what MOVES you? Hint: What's fun? Try a dance class (or dance party with your friends/kids/dog in your own living room), hula hooping, martial arts, backyard-freestyle (or kitchen!) badminton, freeze tag, a long walk on the beach... let your creativity flow!

Have just 5 minutes (right now) between tasks? Don't check your email or Facebook again - try one of these instead:
  • Run around the block. That's right, in whatever clothes you're wearing. Sneakers are a good idea, though.
  • Blast the music and bogey down: put on the most bouncy, happy song you know and dance as hard as you can for one whole song. Full body shaking and grooving.
  • Hula hoop - kids got one hanging out in the garage? Whip it out. And blast the music for this too, if you can. And yes, they make ones for adults - mine's from Hoop Mamas!
  • Pull-start your lawn mower! (Kidding!)
  • Stretch and jump. Counter-act all that sitting with some reaching for the sky, reaching for your toes, and jumping up and down for one full minute. Seriously simple, not so easy!
Go get your blood pumping! What else does it for you? Leave your ideas below so we can all have as much fun and feel as good as you!

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