Friday, August 24, 2012

Why a "High Quality Cry"

Can you remember the last time you cried?

I mean, really let it loose and cried? I heaved for about twenty minutes after watching Brene Brown's Power of Vulnerability TED talk (but that's a whole other post)...

Our culture is big on the no-cry attitude. It's often portrayed and interpreted as a sign of weakness or instability - and is very much linked to our gendered expectations of behavior. Men and women both face some major stereotypes around what it means to cry - it's unfortunately often seen as a sign of weakness, lack of stability or self-control, or an emotional breakdown...

Did you know that crying it out is actually part of our natural learning and healing process?

If we don't allow ourselves (or others) to cry, we actually inhibit our ability to move through our experiences pain - and move on to the better life. Crying helps us heal, grieve, move through sadness, and experience relief when we've been overwhelmed.

Check out this amazing article, High Quality Crying, from the Interchange Institute's blog to learn more about:
  • the reasons why it's so important to have quality crying time
  • what it does for us
  • how to get the most out of your cry
  • why letting yourself and others "cry it out" is the best approach for happy living

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