Saturday, September 1, 2012

Changing the Mirror Game

Something to write on all of your mirrors! I saw this piece from the SF Mirrors Project the other day near the train stop for Ocean Beach.

It made me think about my experience with mirrors. In high school, I spent hours obsessing over the way my body looked in the mirror, practicing sucking in my stomach, pulling back the "pudge" over my hips so they'd look slimmer, watching myself do situps and crunches, nit-picking over ever blemish on my face, eternally fighting with my body... UCK.

We all want to love and accept ourselves more - so start getting aware:

How much time do you spend looking in the mirror?
When you see yourself looking back, what do you say to yourself? Are you kind or mean?
What judgments do you pass on yourself?
What do you make your body mean?

What would you like to be saying to yourself? ... Now SAY IT.

Start choosing to change the mind game you're playing with yourself!

Choose the most loving, affirming, and healthy thoughts you can conceive of...

For more ideas and inspiration for your mirros, check out the SF Mirrors Project Gallery and Louise Hay's daily affirmations.


  1. Hi Alex- do you follow Chris Kresser ( or Paul Jaminet at

    They have interesting things to say and highlight prominent research.


  2. Thanks, Michael - I hadn't heard of either of them, but I already love what I'm seeing on their sites!

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them. Have you read much about cereal grains, or to a lesser extent, legumes, eliciting inflammatory response, sequestering minerals while in the gut, or interfering with nutrient breakdown and absorption?