Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pickled Onions - An easy DIY condiment

Some of our friends always kid that everything they eat at our place is homemade. It's mostly true. I derive a lot of joy and a sense of control and accomplishment out of making my own food!

Making your own condiments is surprisingly simple and easy - these two take 5-10 minutes active time each and last for weeks in the fridge (if you don't eat them first). Plus, there's nothing like the satisfaction and tastes of homemade. 

Feel Good About Your Food: Onions are cleansing and detoxing for the body, alkalizing, and boosting for your immune system, especially RAW.

Be aware though - cut onions - when not preserved readily attract bacteria. DO NOT cut and save parts of onions. Use or toss.

Pickled Red Onions 
1 red onion                 
1 lemon                   
red wine vinegar           
sea salt                   

Cut ends off onion, slice in half, remove peel.

With cut side down, using a sharp knife, slice onion as thinly as possible, keeping your fingers curled under and safe.

Transfer onions to a  non-metal/reactive bowl.
Squeeze lemon over bowl, sprinkle with red wine vinegar (tablespoon or two) and sea salt (about a teaspoon).

Use your hands to churn and mix everything. They might feel a little slimy (this is totally normal).

Allow onions to sit for about 10 minutes - you will notice they soften quite a bit.

Taste one and add more vinegar, lemon or salt if you'd like.

When they taste good, stick them in a jar and eat as you'd like.

Try these onions on everything from salads to cooked greens to crackers and sliced cheddar cheese!

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