Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Imperfect Perfection: A Video

As I was swinging back into my week on Monday, after being stranded on the East Coast for over a week (thanks, Sandy), I started to feel the MEGA STRESS flooding in. I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I was feeling behind on, the blog entries I "should" have written (watch out for that word!), the giant To-Do list on my desk...

So I got thinking about my expectations for myself and what I make it all mean about me when I don't live up to my perfect vision of who I think I should be (there's that word again!) and what I think I should be doing.

I decided to do something that scared me, but felt right. I made you a VIDEO! It's not perfect, but I decided that it might never be. (I definitely drop a "more happier" in this video... my grammar perfectionist is bugging out!) We may say we're ok with not being perfect, but how does the expectation of perfection play out in our lives? The outside world will have you believe you're never there.

How can we define "perfect" for ourselves? For our lives, our bodies, our diets, our actions, our project, our masterpieces, our careers, our relationships??

Hmm... here's some food for thought and a fun way to play with, embrace and enjoy more imperfection in your life.

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