Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution Revolution

The revolution is not to make resolutions. Instead, make choices now - today - to do a little bit more of what you want to be doing and a little bit less of what you don't want to be doing.

We don't need a special occasion to start taking personal responsibility. It can be a tough thing to admit, that we're not being responsible with ourselves, that we're not taking care of ourselves the way we'd like to.

For just a little example, let me illustrate. I spent the holidays wishing I was eating less cookies instead of doing it. I was wishing I'd make myself something healthy, decadent and satisfying instead, instead of doing it. I know I had way more sugar, my trigger food, than was good for me. I kept saying I'd eat better tomorrow, tomorrow. Well, I've come down with a big fat cold and I have a red, puffy, itchy rash across my face and eyes. Nice, right?

Well, no. Fortunately, I've learned not to beat myself up about it. I believe that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. I thought it was too much sugar, which weakens our immune system, and it turns out it was. Good feedback. Next year, I will be doing a little bit more of making myself those healthy, decadent and satisfying raw brownies (these and these) that I've been eyeballing the last few weeks, and a little bit less of eating the sweets that spike my blood sugar and get my cravings raging.

I adore Danielle LaPorte's philosophy of starting with the question: How do I want to feel?

She says this is the most potent form of clarity you can have. And I agree. When you know how you want to feel on a daily, moment-to-moment basis, you can figure out exactly what makes you feel that way and start scheduling more of that into your days and weeks. I want to feel healthy and sprite and light around the holidays? I know bringing a dessert I feel good about (and that leaves me and my belly feeling good) will help make that a reality.

Did I say scheduling?

Yes, scheduling! Put your you-time into your calendar. Treat yourself with the respect that you would your best friends. Show up for yourself. If you must reschedule, reschedule immediately and hold to it. This has perhaps been the most important part for me.

Our culture, especially around the holidays, is ALL about giving. And then we feel burnt out and tired because we ran around too much, or we get sick because our immune system is weakened by all of the sugar and stress. We give and give and give and put ourselves last on the list. Well, how am I supposed to show up for my life feeling burnt out, tired and sick?

This is where we go back to the question: How do I WANT to feel? Make the answer to that your resolution revolution. You have the choice to create more of what you want.

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