Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waking Up Refreshed

How I USED to get up in the morning: Alarm goes off. Groan. Is it time already? Turn it off. Today's Wednesday. What do I need to do today? Roll through my to-do list. Try not to drift back to sleep. Wake up, wake up, c'mon! Groan. Roll out of bed. Stumble groggily into the bathroom. Begin.

How I CURRENTLY get up in the morning: My love kisses me good morning before he heads out to work, my wake-up call. I stretch all of my limbs. I open the blinds. Ah yes, natural light! Still snuggled under blankets, I take a book from my bedside table and read a short poem or story. I reflect it into my own life. Deep, slow breath. I swing my feet onto the floor and into my slippers. I sit up. I am so glad to have this day. I drink a long cool drink of water. Ahhh, freshness. Stand up. Begin.

I've got two books of inspiring poems and story/vignettes sitting on my bedside table. Every morning, before I get out of bed, I pick one up and read a piece or two of inspiration. Talk about one of the best ways I've found to kick-start my energy, positive thinking, motivation, sense of connection and happiness - EVERY SIMPLE DAY.

It's so worth it to buy books that inspire you, and to gift yourself 20-30 extra seconds to wake up the way you want to. I've chosen books that bring me into gratitude and wonder and awe about the world. Here are the two I have right now.

How do you want to feel when you wake up? With what thoughts do you want to start your day?

So tell me, what's YOUR favorite way to wake up?

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