Thursday, August 8, 2013

Be Prepared: Travel & Plane Food Love

Choosing to be healthy is choosing to love yourself. Healthy is a lifestyle of self-love, it requires intention and planning.

Just as I wouldn't expect to feel clean without taking a shower, I can't expect to feel strong and sexy without feeding myself clean, whole foods.

Here's what I packed for myself out of self-love, out of a desire to feel good physically and mentally, out of an intention to have some control over my choices for eating while flying last month.
  • bags of carrots and radishes and sliced red peppers
  • whole cucumber
  • carton of cherry tomatoes
  • heart of romaine (peel off leaves and eat! I love the fresh crunch!)
  • apples and mandarins and other hard fruits
  • whole grain and seed crackers
  • avocado and sea salt packets (snagged from Whole Foods!)
  • nut butter packets (I love walnut and almond!)
  • dark chocolate
  • nuts and seeds and dried fruit
  • kale chips
I pack my snacks in easy to reach ziplocks, and bring my own plastic spoons and knife so I'm prepared.

I also always bring an empty water bottle through security with me (you can bring it through empty and then simply refill it on the other side). Or I make sure to buy myself the biggest bottle of water I can find.

Hydration is tantamount to your well-being, digestion and immune system when you travel... and staying hydrated gives you a good excuse to get up and stretch your legs and body more often ;)

What makes you feel good when you travel?

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  1. YES! This is giving me some new ideas for my time @ Bhakti Fest and my upcoming road trip to Tahoe! Thank you!