Sunday, August 18, 2013

Raw Fudge Brownie Bites

When I'm going to a potluck, I like to impress ;) AND I like to know there will be a dessert I can savor guilt-free, knowing it's all clean ingredients, and not loaded with sugar that's going to throw me off my game.

This kind of dessert makes you CRAVE clean food over the sugar and chemical-heavy cookies and brownies available in grocery stores or out of box mixes.

These treats are actually a *superfood* bomb that won't rock your blood sugar! With omega-3 rich walnuts, anti-oxidant and mineral booming raw cacao, and all-natural sugar from dates. Dates and nuts are all high in fiber, which slows down the release of sugar into your blood stream, making this a low glycemic load dessert :) It's nice to be nice to your blood sugar, especially when it can't taste the difference.

My brownie bites are inspired by Sarah B.'s recipe for The Raw Brownie, I just simple roll the ingredients into little bonbons in my palm to make little bites. Alternatively, you can press them into a pan and serve them like a full-on decadent, fudgy brownie. (I ADORE getting inspiration and extra feel-good nutrition tidbits from Sarah's site, so definitely check it out :)

1 cup whole raw walnuts
generous 1 cup Medjool dates, pitted

1/2 cup raw cacao
1/2 cup raw unsalted almonds, roughly chopped
1/8 tsp. sea salt

1. Place walnuts in food processor and blend on high until the nuts are finely ground.
2. Add the cacao and salt. Pulse to combine.
3. Add the dates a few at a time and pulse then run continuously to combine. What you should end up with is a mix that appears rather like cake crumbs, but that when pressed, will easily stick together (if the mixture does not hold together well, add more dates).
4. In a large bowl (or the pan you plan on putting the brownies in), combine the walnut-cacao mix with the chopped almonds. Press into a lined cake pan or mold, or roll into round bites in your hands. Place in freezer or fridge until ready to serve (it is also easier to cut these when they are very cold). Store in an airtight container.

Makes about twenty little 1-inch bites.

If you're feeling extra fancy, sprinkle with cocoa before serving, or roll in finely shredded raw coconut!

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