Monday, July 22, 2013

Sexy Silky Summery Skin

Summer is when we get the chance to bare our skin. But showing skin, well... it puts you out there.
There are a lot of elements that get the best of our skin and leave us with sunburn, breakouts, irritation and dry spots. If your skin is sensitive like mine, travel and greasy sunscreen can bring out the worst on your skin, for all to see. Talk about a confidence downer :(

Taking care of my skin and my body is a priority for me during the summer especially. I'm looking out for UV rays and toxic chemicals (in sunscreens, lotions and bug sprays) that will damage and prematurely age my skin. No, thank you!

If I don't take care of myself, I know I won't be able to feel comfortable in my own skin. After my trip to Italy last summer, it took me months of intensive care to get my skin back to normal. I've come a long way since then...

Here I am again this year, in Tuscany, Italy, baring it all and showing you my favorite skin-care products that I take with me into the sun and heat to keep my skin sexy and silky.

My favorite sexy, silky summery skin products:
  1. Water - bring your water bottle with you and drink up. The body doesn't lie: clear, light-colored urine means you're hydrated. Water is the best way to keep your energy high and your digestion smooth too!
  2. Sunscreen - look for paraben-free and toxin-free varieties... I often buy sunscreen marketed for babies because it is much less toxic than the stuff they try to market to adults. Or if you're going super natural - check out this Sun Worshipper's Dream sunscreen by EdibleGoddess!
  3.  Lip balm - bonus if you get some with SPF protection!
  4. Coconut oil - did you know your skin loves oil? Yes way. I used to think I had hopelessly oily skin and hair until I learned that it was oily because I was constantly stripping all of its natural oils with harsh soaps and shampoos. Now I feed my skin oil directly (yes, on my face too!) and it's never been softer. Coconut is just one choice, I also love almond oil, which I find absorbs more readily, grape seed oil for my face, when I want something even lighter, and olive oil or a mixed salve for dry skin areas.
  5. Tea tree oil - has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic qualities when applied topically, and can be used to treat blemishes, acne, and athlete's foot. Apply to your face after washing to remedy breakouts and to your feet before bed, if you've been walking around public pool areas. It's a very powerful oil, you only need a 5% solution for it to be effective, so I often mix a drop with a carrier oil (like coconut) to apply. I learned (the hard way), that it's actually not the best insect repellent... here's a better source on natural ways to keep the bugs at bay.
  6. Sun hat and protective clothing - better than sunscreen, and with the right fabric, will keep you cool and dry. I opt for natural fibers (like cotton and linen) over synthetic, which tend to harbor bacteria and smells over time.
Do share with us!

What do you like to use to take care of your summer skin? What are your favorite products and recipes for natural, healthy, sexy skin care?

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