Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Cook?

Here I am at Whole Foods leading "So You Want to CRAVE Your Greens"!

As I was getting ready, I asked myself, so... why do I cook? What's in it for me? Here's what I shared at the class...

1. Cooking my own food lets me be in charge: I know what and how much is going into my food and what and how much is going into my body. Quality control, baby.

2. Cooking gives me more choice and flexibility: I don't have to settle for the funky chemicals and ingredients in the store, I don't have to just choose from what's on the shelves. If I want something different, specific or unique, I know I can make it for myself, and most of the time I can make it better ;)

3. Cooking is creative release and expression: It's painting with flavors, colors and textures, mixing, playing, pairing, curating, arranging. It's an expression of love for myself and those I feed. It's an experiment.

4. Cooking wakes me up to my six senses in the present moment: I am active. I am listening to the pan sizzle, I am touching big succulent leaves, I am tasting fresh basil, I am inhaling the aromas of garlic, I am delighting at the symmetry of sliced zucchini, I am trusting my intuition... it's not quite done yet!

Here is a piece of Michael Pollan's "Why Cook?" from his new book Cooked... this stuff gets me revved up...

Leave a comment and tell us below:
Why do you cook? Or, why do you want to cook? What's in it for you?


  1. Great reasons to cook! Thank you for the inspiration! Wish I could have joined for the Whole Foods class. Hopefully there are more to come.

    1. There will be more to come in August... some whole grain action and something to satisfy your sweet tooth ;)