Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One of My #1 Tools to Knowing - and Feeling - Your Body Better

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One of the biggest challenges women express to me is making time for themselves and the things they know they want to be doing for their body and health.

Here's the thing: When you get sick or your body gives out, you're forced to stop and take a break. That costs a lot of time and energy, sometimes weeks of productivity... but you know what? The world keeps going! Wouldn't it be nice to allow yourself to take your time before you get to the point of break down?

I think about this kind of thing a lot. It's something that motivates me to make time for myself. Let's face it: we spend a lot of time in our heads. It's all too easy to forget about or ignore our bodies. But when we're disconnected from our bodies it's easy to...
  • overeat and feel like crap in our bodies AND about ourselves
  • get into a cycle that burns us out or gets us sick
  • get overwhelmed by our emotions and break down or freak out
  • pull a muscle or put your back out
I've done all of those things. Multiple times. Not being tuned in to my body has even led me to pass out on an airplane! I'm sure you've got stories too. When you're a highly sensitive person... it doesn't take as much to go over an edge.

I can say for sure that I'm not into going over edges anymore. I like balance and feeling good.

The great news is that it's not hard to stay connected to your body, but it does take consistency and making time. I do yoga, I meditate, breathe, visualize... but I want to share with you the key that changed everything for me a few years ago, and that I make sure to get in almost every week now, in some form or another. When I started to do this, it changed my relationship to my body, my energy, my beauty, my eating... really, my whole self.

What do you think? I challenge you - what are you going to do to drop in with your body this week?

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