Monday, March 18, 2013

Why I Unsubscribed

Time to spring clean my inbox!

Here's why I just unsubscribed from half of the email lists I am on:

1. Overwhelm. Too much is too much. I asked myself: How many emails do I want to be reading per day? How much time do I want to spend reading emails? Do I actually read these emails? Is this valuable or just clutter?

2. Anxiety. Yes, I admit, I can't help but compare myself to others sometimes. And sometimes I feel like I should be doing/eating/thinking about what everyone else is. Do these emails exacerbate my sense of "I should be doing more"? Do they make me feel bad about myself or my choices? Do they increase my sense of pressure?

So that's what I don't want... What DO I want?

3. Inspiration. Empowerment. Selective Choice. Everything we see and read has an impact on our mindset and what we deem as normal and possible. (Did you try this mind game yet?) Be selective. It's your right, just as you can choose to turn off or mute the TV when ads come one. How do you want to feel when you check your inbox? I asked myself: Do I want to be reading fear-based emails about "Don't Do/Eat this?" or diseases and obscure nutrient deficiencies? Do these emails inspire me to action? Do they feed and expand the mindset I want to be cultivating?

If what you're reading isn't feeding, stretching or inspiring your BodyMindSoul 100%, UNSUBSCRIBE and find something that does.

They say: The world is your oyster.

I say: The internet is a wormhole. (Jump into one that feels really good.) 

If you're looking for something positive and inspiring and feel-good to subscribe to - try feeding your BodyMindSoul with Project Positivity, my newest venture!

What IS Project Positivity? I am SO excited to share it with you! Head on over and watch my video!

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