Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HOW You Eat Tells All

After all that confessing about my go-to stress snack - toast with nut butter - I've been eating it all week! What??

No, HOW! The energy of HOW you're showing up when you're eating something makes a world of a difference, no matter what it is. I'm sure you've mindlessly downed too much food, or just kept going even though you were full, and you know how that feels: a heavy mix of cathartic, pleasure, anxiety, rush, distraction, guilt...

That's why it's not so much about WHAT you're eating, but HOW. (The French have this down. And you can too...)

6 ways to change the energy of HOW you're eating:
  • Say a prayer before you eat. Thank your body, thank the farmers, thank the cook.
  • Put your fork down between bites. Chew. Breathe!
  • Enjoy the quiet, or enjoy the conversation.
  • Taste. (I know!) Savor. Feel the textures.
  • Eat with your fingers.
  • Get as into the flavors as Bob...

Inspired yet? I invite YOU to show up to a meal or snack in complete mindfulness and savor the whole thing, start to finish... Share with us! What felt different?


  1. The HOW is so much more important! Love this. Thank you for the great post, Alex!

  2. Oh you are welcome, Sarah! I've seen myself, my friends, and so many of my clients get caught in the mindset of stress about WHAT to eat, and then wonder why getting healthy feels so challenging. Because we are coming at it with stress energy! When we just allow ourselves space and time, and give ourselves permission to PLAY with and savor our food - no matter what it is - I see, again and again, we eat less and feel more satisfied....