Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stress Snacking? How to Change the Game You're Playing (Video!)

Ever eat because you're stressed? When my to-do list is looming, all nut butters watch out!

I have some big and exciting projects on my plate. But yesterday, I found myself biting my cuticles, and wandering into the kitchen three times throughout the afternoon for PB toast snacks. For me, a tell-tale sign I'm stressing.

The guilty mind spiral (does any of this sound familiar?) is powerful: You should really know better. You're a fatty underneath it all. You don't actually have any willpower, do you? Hypocrite. What's the big deal, anyway? Why are you stressing about a few extra slices of bread and some nut butter? Shouldn't you be worrying about your upcoming projects and deadlines? That's really worth stressing about. Get focused, woman, you've got a lot on your plate! Well, f*ck it, you've ruined your eating today. You might as well just have one more to make yourself feel better... I think one more might actually make you feel better!

I've been down all those roads. An episode or day of stress snacking doesn't mean something is wrong with you, or your willpower has dissolved. It's not a failure on your part. It's simply how you've learned to cope with a busy, stressful situations. Give yourself permission to give yourself a break!

We're not meant to live in a state of unhealthy stress over things like to-do lists! Our overly masculine culture tells us to "buckle down and power through" and that "work is called work for a reason." I spent over 10 years of my life eating because I didn't know how else to feel any better. Stress + extra snacking is a sure recipe for extra stubborn belly fat and adrenal fatigue.

These days I say: Not in my world! I'm a woman doing things my own way!

Here's a peak directly into my *stress snacking course correction strategy*. This is what I do as soon as I recognize myself in any patterns that are not serving me...

Wait a minute... I've got a lot on my plate so I'm taking an HOUR out of my day to go to the Farmers' Market? Well isn't that nice that I've got the time!?

It IS nice, and I've created my lifestyle to accommodate that. The bottom line is that what I do - and what you do - with time is always a choice. Maybe you only can spare 5 minutes. 5 minutes can be a nice chunk of time, ask a diver. This is your life. Please, literally, take your time! It's yours and only yours. The real question is: Will you give it to yourself, fully?

I am committed to living life by my own terms, and working with women who want to do it their own way too. And, I know that if I DON'T take care of myself, unwind and re-center, I will just EAT MORE CRAP today.

That's what I mean by choosing something different. When you know what your patterns are, how are you going to interrupt them with something that puts you back into the state you want to be in?

What 3 things can you keep in your back pocket to do for yourself the next time (or right now) when you're feeling stressed or like you need to switch gears to be your best self? Share with us below!

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