Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I was going to meditate BUT... (The Excuses List)

 I was going to start a regular meditation practice because I know it helps me feel more clear, present, calm and grounded BUT...

I was going to meditate but I'm expecting a package. I'm behind on my email. My mom might call me back. I have too much work to do. I've got a zillion important things on my list. I have to make money.

I was going to meditate but I'm too stressed out, it can't possibly fix me right now.

I was going to meditate but my mind always wanders, it's the afternoon and I'm too tired. I can't focus, I might fall asleep...

I was going to meditate but I got distracted by house chores. I had to clean the kitchen, take out the garbage, wash the dishes, make a shopping list.

I was going to meditate but the plants haven't been watered in a week.

I was going to meditate but I have to check my email again and update my Facebook status and leave messages on all of my friends' posts first and do all my social media marketing so that everyone knows I'm paying attention.

I was going to meditate but what if I don't stick to it, then I'll let myself down. I want to have perfectly easy practice, every day, without fail, and I'll probably screw that up. It's such a commitment.

I was going to meditate but someone outside is hammering and the neighbor's little dog always yaps.

I was going to meditate but I don't want it to be just another thing on my list. I'm already overwhelmed!

I was going to meditate but I also want to read. Or go for a walk.

I really was going to meditate but I haven't exercised in three days... what's more important? Exercise or meditation? I'm going to make a pros and cons list and look up when my favorite yoga classes are and make a formal plan and put it all into my calendar on alternating days in alternating colors, and I've got to sharpen my colored pencils... and now I've got no time for either today...

I was going to meditate but I might get hungry.

I was going to meditate but I forgot, I ran out of time, I'm too scattered now, I'll start tomorrow.

Wow, I'm hilarious... What a trip! Ok, so what are YOU making excuses about showing up for? I challenge you to set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and write down every ridiculous thing that comes into your head. Post it below!

Meet My Muse!
I admit, I've been coveting her. I want to introduce you to my personal Mastermind & Accountability Buddy (do you have one yet??) and dear friend. The writing exercise above is inspired by the one and only Jana Carrey, Creativity Coach & Mentor, and her recent post  "I was going to write, but...", an exercise utilizing the power of writing to get us unstuck and aware of the sneaky ways we might be blocking ourselves from doing what we say we want to do. Money! Check out her excuse list and video describing how the process works on her site Creative Spirit Awakening. Check her OUT yo!

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