Monday, July 9, 2012

Ever considered a CSA? Follow me as I sign up!

A typical CSA box - I'll post pictures of mine when we get it!
This weekend I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Evan and I had our friend Liz over for dinner Friday night and got talking about food (imagine that). Liz shared with us that she's been getting a CSA (= "Community Supported Agriculture") box from a small local farm called Terra Firma Farm for over a month now. And she's loving it. So Saturday morning we signed up!

Here's how she convinced me to sign up in 5 minutes flat:

1. Getting to farmers' markets during the week is a rushed hassle, at best, or just takes a lot of time. Evan and I like to go to one on Sundays, but it does wind up being an all-morning affair. With a CSA, you get a spread of fruits and veggies to pick up at a nearby location during a 4-5 hour time frame one day a week. So much faster.

2. The quality of the produce is amazing: super fresh, just-picked, never bruised, all-organic, lots of heirloom varieties. Plus everything is at the prime of its season (aka most delicious). When we eat with the seasons, our bodies have an easier time adjusting and thriving. Everything is in better sync.

3. Great deal for your money. Ever find yourself despairing over how much good tomatoes cost at the farmers' market? $6 or $7 a pound sometimes! Liz said she got 6 huge grapefruit-sized heirlooms in her "small" box last week. When there is abundance, you reap the overflow. You're the farmer's community support, after all. It pays to be on the farmer's top priority list.

4. Variety! I'll stop eating the same vegetables every week and get to try eating and cooking with some new veggies. What a gift that I never seem to give to myself... can't wait!

CSA or "Community Supported Agriculture" is a truly fruitful relationship for both farmer and eater: the farmer gets in-advance payment (which works like a whole bunch of mini-loans) from you - and in return, supplies you with the best-picked, fresh, seasonal produce. Win-win.

Here's one of the guys I'm supporting at Terra Firma Farm:

Our first pick-up is 5 minutes down the street on Wednesday evening - stay tuned! (Because I'm excited.)

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