Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snacks - What's sitting on my counter?

A bowl of yellow cherry tomatoes (and a watermelon, you might notice)!
Let's face it, we're creatures who like ease and instant gratification.
Who doesn't? Since we've got to work with what we've got:

Make your snacks easy and gratifying.

Make it good. Make it the best. I picked up these yellow cherry tomatoes at my local farmers market because they were juicy and sweet and I just wanted to pop them in my mouth. Always a good sign. Yes, they were pricier than what I'd find at the grocery store. But how good do those tomatoes actually taste? This is where a little extra money goes a long way towards your health and everyday pleasures. Quality of life stuff.

I eat one of these tomatoes, and it tastes like the sunshine and sweetness of deep summer.

So think about: What foods make you feel good about eating them? Keep them out in a bowl or cleaned/peeled/chopped in a clear container in the very front of your fridge so it's the first thing you see when you open the door. (My next step is to cut up Mr. Watermelon there.)

Also: Put the chips and crackers and cookies away. All the temptation foods, if you still buy them. Way away and out of reach. If it's not what you want to turn to for a fast snack, then use a step-stool to stow it where you can't readily reach it. Trust me, it does wonders.

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