Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Waking Up Fresh

What if you could get started on the right foot every day?

I start (almost) every day with a 15-minute morning practice. What's that?
Here's what I do:
  • 5 min. of writing: 3 things I'm grateful for and a brain dump (what's swimming around up there that needs to be let out)
  • 5 min. of meditating: feeling my breathing, clearing my mind, focusing my energy
  • 5 min. of movement and stretching: waking up and getting into my body... usually means I roll around on the floor on my yoga mat and
I start my day grounded, centered, clear, awake.

What would your 15 minutes look like?

I dare you: commit to making your morning sweeter for one week. Yes, it might mean setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. But, really, I dare you to give that 15 minutes to yourself.

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