Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Week of Eating with My First CSA Box

I picked up my first beautiful CSA box on Wednesday - and I've been delighting in it ever since.

A lot of people have asked me what I eat and how I eat. This is a great opportunity for me to give you a little peak into what I eat and how to easily incorporate more fruits and veggies into your life. Keep it simple. I love summer because raw fruits and veggies taste so good and keep me feeling light. Plus, no cooking = more time for relaxing and savoring.

The Goodness:
Onions, green beans, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, a bunch of basil,
watermelon, cute yellow melon, plums, carrots, corn on the cob!

I've been waking my taste buds up in the morning with some of these plums - their juices are so sweet and their skin is so sour! Whew. Good morning to you.

Yesterday, my mid-afternoon snack involved half of the yellow melon, a spoon and my sunny roof. If that's not summer, I don't know what is.

Last night, we tossed the zucchini, sliced into rounds, and some onions in olive oil and roasted them as a side to our free-range turkey burgers and brown rice! I have some leftovers that I'm planning to stuff into an omelet for brunch this weekend.

For lunch today, I munched on some of the raw green beans as I mixed up one of my favorite salads to make when I have fresh basil and corn on hand: Quinoa-Corn Basil Salad.

I didn't have all of the ingredients, so I had to get a little creative: I combined a cup of leftover quinoa from a meal earlier in the week, plus the leftover brown rice from last night to make the base. Added the corn, plenty of basil, some finely chopped white onion, fresh chopped heirloom tomatoes (in place of the roasted red peppers - I've also used sun-dried tomatoes in place for stellar results), and tossed it all together with olive oil, ume plum vinegar (didn't have a lemon either...), and pepper. YUM. Ate it wrapped in some romaine leaves.

I'm going to an all-day workshop tomorrow, so I'm going to bring a container of this salad, some sliced tomatoes, a few carrots and a couple of plums for lunch.

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